What is European Tree Worker?

The ETW is a professional that carries out maintenance tasks in urban trees – public and private – considering the state of health of the tree itself and also the safety of the people and material that surround it, with the aim of maintaining a beautiful, healthy and safe tree heritage.

This type of work requires a mastery of tree pruning techniques, tree support and felling of ornamental trees, general skills in arboriculture and knowledge of tree access techniques while respecting and enforcing safety at all times.

His training should cover the fields of arboriculture in general, biology and mechanics (tree statics), and he should be familiar with the risks of trees in cities and other places where they may pose a danger.

In addition, he must have knowledge related to matters of collective and personal protection, the Law on the Prevention of Occupational Risks, occupational health, as well as the principles of marking work areas and designated roads to vehicles

Working on trees requires a high technical and physical qualification, as well as special and comprehensive training in the various techniques that are developed, especially in terms of occupational safety.

Renewal of European Tree Worker Certification

The European Tree Worker certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of issue, but must be renewed every 3 years. To renew the certificate, the ETW professional can certify:

That has been carrying out care and maintenance work in arboriculture in a period of time between 24 and 36 months, by means of a company certificate, working life report, or in the case of self-employed persons: form 036 + justification of payment of the self-employed person’s fee , etc.

A first aid certificate completed within a period not exceeding three years.

A medical certificate of fitness for work at height, issued by a general practitioner, mutual, etc. with a date coinciding with the year of renewal.

Certificates of having received specific training in arboriculture, justifying, according to the new EAAC regulations, 30 hours during the three years of validity of the card. Only training certificates provided by the AEA or training by centers that provide training recognized by the AEA will be accepted.

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Renewal of the European Tree Worker certification

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