Arboriculture / arborist

Alongside the profession of gardener and forestry worker, the profession of arborist has developed in recent decades. He is a person that has specialized in tree maintenance. In addition to pruning and felling, the arborist also has knowledge of tree biology. Arboriculture is the cultivation, management and study of trees, shrubs, vines and other perennial woody plants.

Tree surgeon

The most frequent tasks of the arborist are:

  • pruning of tall trees with with tree climber (surgeon)
  • felling tall trees in small spaces with a crane, platform or tree climber
  • tree planting

However, the arborist also does (physically) more passive tasks, such as tree assessments, writing reports and making management plans.

Certificates / Experience

Arborist work is often difficult and dangerous. For this reason, the professional arborist has undergone training and studies. The ETW (European Tree Worker) certificate is a good reference at European level for the arborist. In addition to taking safety aspects into account, the ETW certificate also shows that the arborist has knowledge of the tree.

Pine trees

In the province of Girona there are large pine forests. Many pine trees also grow in the private gardens, especially the stone pine, aleppo pine and maritime pine. The pine tree is a fast-growing tree and sometimes this growth causes conflicts with buildings (branches touching the roof or roots lifting the pavement).

Professional pine felling and pruning company

To prevent damage to the trees, the building and the garden, it is recomandable to hire a company with workersthat are trained in arboriculture and with sufficient experience in felling high trees.


Finally, a video of a professional felling of a pine tree in Palamós, Costa Brava.

How to cut down a pine tree in the garden

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