This year we have followed a project of trees planted on the side of a street. The trees (Carpinus betulus) were planting at the end of the spring in a street in Olot. They give us a good example of how not to plant a tree!


Carpinus betulus Olot 1
The trees look well planted, however when we take a closer look, we find many faults. First of all notice that no guides (tutors) are installed, the wind and other external factors (traffic, people..) can cause a movement of the root ball, which can damage growing roots. Two guides are strongly recommended.
Carpinus betulus Olot 2 Carpinus betulus Olot 3
Tree planted too deep, the root collar should be at the same height as the surrounding soil. As a result the roots are to deep to function properly.
Carpinus betulus Olot 6 Carpinus betulus Olot 7
the tree leafs show signs of drought, possibly caused by insufficient water during transport, planting or first months after planting. An other possibly is that some of the small roots have recently been pruned or damaged
Carpinus betulus Olot 4
significant damage of the corteza, because of unsufficient proteccion during the transport and the planting
Carpinus betulus Olot 5
The structure of the tree shows faults and can be qualified as a “low quality tree”. Here were see codominant trunk with included bark at the union.
Carpinus betulus Olot 8
branches too concentrated on trunk. This often result in a poor structure of the tree in the future.
Carpinus betulus Olot 9
June 2015 – (one month later) half of the leafs have died, which is now clearly visible
Carpinus betulus Olot 10
August 2015 – (three months later) it’s mid summer and the tree doesn’t have any leafs left. It has died or will soon be death.

Common mistakes at planting of trees

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